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Beginning at a new school can evoke a mixture of emotions, from excitement to feeling overwhelmed, especially when you and your family are new to a country. The admissions team will aim to support your child in every aspect of the application and assessment process.

Applications are now open for the 2024-25 academic year for Grades 1 – 9, students aged 6 to 14. Each class will have a maximum of  20 students per class assuring parents of a personalised education approach for your child.

Apply today by completing our application form. For any queries, please contact us on or call on +357 99 375 429.

Admissions process  

Tuition Fees  

Please note:

  1. Fees can be paid on a term-by-term basis, please find further information under Payments.
  2. Certain Primary Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) will carry extra costs over and above the published
    price, e.g. Football Club.
  3. The School and club ECA lists will be sent to parents closer to the start of school.

Please find further Tuition Fee information in the download below:

Apply now

Starting at a new school is an exciting and significant time for any family. Thank you for choosing Lumio Private School to be that school, we will support you in every aspect of the application process as best we can.

Please ensure you have the documents listed below available to email to us at
All documents should be translated into English.  Initially parents can write translations on a copy and send these to us, however, the Ministry of Education will require the school to have professional translations on file.

Application Form

Documents required:

  1. A recent passport photo: Student;
  2. Birth certificate: Student;
  3. Passport copy or National ID: Student, mother and father;
  4. Up-to-date general immunisation / vaccination documentation: Child (not covid);
  5. Report card/s: Student nursery or school (last two years if available);
  6. Equivalency report from the school if a report card is not available.
  7. Reports relating to specific learning needs, psychology reports, speech / occupational therapy, or medical requirements: Child (if applicable).

If your child is moving from abroad, all reports must be translated into English: Child.